Our telecommunications courses include principles, systems, and process training. we cover optic fibre, copper cables, mobile, switching, transmission, etc. We have a solution for telecommunication and non-telecommunication professionals.

“Telecommunications affects how people connect and do business on a global scale. For businesses, in particular, reliable and timely communication is the lifeblood of your company’s brand reputation, productivity, and overall success”.Scott

According to an analysis on South Africa’s Telecommunications & Mobile Devices Market, 2019 by Research and Markets, “Telecoms companies are having to adapt to widespread disruption; the structural shift from voice to data is undermining traditional margins, and increases in data traffic are being offset by a proportional decline in effective data prices. The market is maturing and operators are having to compete to grow their share of the prepaid and lower-income markets, from which the majority of future growth is expected to come. Investment in the sector is highly influenced by South Africa’s poor economic growth, regulatory changes, and technological developments.”

At Supreme ICT we believe that whether you are the network operator, the user of a complex telecommunication system, or contractor involved in turnkey solutions, the developments in the telecommunication space require that decision-makers and technicians acquire the appropriate skills to plan, deploy, operate and maintain various aspects of a telecommunication system.  We hope to expand our offerings in line with immediate needs as well as anticipated future needs.  Feel free to click on the relevant telecommunication course below for details or to register. If your required course is not listed feel free to leave us a message using the contact us menu above.